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Thank you to the following people for your support of RomRaider.

If you would like your name excluded from this list for any reason, please send a private message to qoncept on the forums or simply edit this page and remove yourself.

  • Clark Turner (azscooby)
  • George Migos
  • Stephen Luzzo (beavis820)
  • Jeremy Estes (testes1010)
  • Jojo Serquina (Project_S)
  • xolosis
  • subaruwrx420
  • Dominic Acia (ImprezaRSX)
  • Jeramie Cavanaugh (Jeramie)
  • Travis Barnes (treefrogaz)
  • Stanley Hiller (deliverator)
  • Paul Brunckhorst (kascade)
  • Jerry Petratos (Jerry)
  • Eric Mattessich (ejsportcom)
  • James Abatematteo (jabbott)
  • Stefano D’Ambrosio (Blindstuff)
  • Kenneth Swift (swifty)
  • Steven Shell (turbo022)
  • Christer Medin (moose)
  • Michael Killackey (LiquidForce2)
  • Vikram Sundararajan
  • Thanos Sarantopoulos
  • Mark Sanders (4EVO2NV)
  • Jeff Gilroy (Hurricane123)


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