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RomRaider provides many features normally only seen in commercial software applications. The main capabilities are:

  • Platform agnostic: RomRaider is written in Java making it easier to support tuning on various operating systems. Currently Windows and Linux are supported.
  • Subaru support: Support for many Subaru ROM versions via plug-in ECU definition data files. ECU definitions can be upgraded independently of the actual tuning software.
  • BMW support: Support for 1996–2003 versions of BMW DME (MS41/42/43 variants) via plug-in DME definition data files. DME definitions can be upgraded independently of the actual tuning software.
  • Multiple maps: The ability to load, modify and save one or more ROM files
  • Intuitive user interface: Simple, easy to use user interface which presents the various ROM maps within a tree view grouped by function e.g. Boost, Fuel, Timing are each groups collating a number of related maps.
  • Tuning by User Level: This is a tuning safety related capability which restricts (write) access to certain maps based on User Level e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced. User level may be dynamically switched at any time.
  • Intelligent map data display: All data within maps are intelligently displayed using the appropriate unit of measure e.g. RPM, Boost (PSI/Bar - absolute or relative), Temperature (degrees F or C). Additionally map data is colour coded greatly reducing the time taken to understand and tune a map.
  • 3D graphing: Map table data may be displayed in 3D as an additional map visualisation aid.
  • Map tuning assistant: A detailed description of each map is available to the tuner from the map properties page.
  • Map comparison: This allows maps from the same or different ECUs to be easily compared.
  • Map copy & paste: ROMs can be quickly tuned using the map copy and paste capability.
  • Map smoothing: This allows tuners to interpolate map data values greatly reducing the time taken to alter maps.
  • Realtime data logging and post analysis tool: This includes the ability to overlay data logs on to actual maps as an aid when fine tuning.


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RomRaider is developed and supported by volunteers working on their own time. To support their efforts please consider making a donation.

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