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Read Only Memory

Read Only Memory is a Memory which is during normal operation only Read from it but it isn’t writable. This means the Logic that is programmed once to the ECU is Directing and cannot be reprogrammed when you drive your car. You think “ok, but why has the Romraider Software a feature which is called learning view, my car learns while im driving, is this not a way to reprogramm the logic that was first installed”. You are right, but the information is not changing your rom, it is in stored in the RAM which means “Random access memory” which is lost when you pull your battery out of your car. Remember that you lose also the CEL (Check Engine Light) if you had any problems with your car. The rom Stays until you brick your ECU or you change it with flashing your car with a special procedure. You can change your ROM only when your car isnt running. Free Programmable ECU’s however can be changed while your driving.


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